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Ground Maintenance

DSC_0150_1.JPG Does your business need an attractive, professional look but there’s no time for upkeep?

Outsourcing your grounds maintenance can take a lot of management time and stress from your shoulders. We are always conscious of our client's needs. 

So what can HORTICULTURAL SERVICES do for you?

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1. STAFF HOLIDAYS - No more worrying about paying and covering staff annual leave and holidays.

2. HEALTH & SAFETY PLANS - We put in place and ensure all Health and Safety plans are adhered too.

3. STAFF DISCIPLINE - No more time wasted with staff disciplinary issues, its not your problem.

4. P.A.Y.E – No more time spent processing employee P.A.Y.E obligations.

5. SICK LEAVE - We cover all employee sick days and provide cover when required.

6. ACC – We pay all ACC levies and deal with all claims that may occur.

7. COMPLIANCE – We deal with all local and regional authorities to ensure all compliance requirements are adhered to.

8. TRAINING - Our staff are all fully trained before they arrive to your site.

9. KIWI SAVER – We process all Kiwi Saver payments and deal with all IRD Kiwi Saver requirements.

10. GENERAL DAY TO DAY ADMIN - We look after all the day to day administration regarding landscaping i.e. product ordering, pick up, delivery etc.

11. ADVERTISING COSTS - We organise all staff recruitment so there are no 3rd party advertising costs.

12. NO PERSONAL GRIEIVANCE RISK – As all ground maintenance staff are technically our employees you have no risk of a employee laying a personal grievance against you.

13. BEREAVEMENT LEAVE - We arrange for all staff bereavement leave and cover them so you don’t have to.


You only pay for the service and receive it! No unproductive time or chasing up workers to get the job done. We do it all for you.

Currently we manage twelve retirement villages, four hospital grounds, one private head tremor home and a number of smaller commercial clients around the country.

For a full list of our ground maintenance services, download our ‘Menu’ of options.

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