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Hygiene Services

Need rubbish removal services or looking for a contractor to keep public rest rooms presentable?

Horticultural Services can take care of rubbish removal in public places as well as keeping public restrooms presentable.

We currently maintain the Wanganui District Council Convenience Sanitation and Litter Contracts and have done so for more than 10 years.
Since taking on these contract, we have proven to be reliable, dependable and consistent in our standards and performance. We consistently meet and exceed contractual specifications and we work very hard building and maintaining our relationship with our clients.  
Because of our knowledge Horticultural Services can;

  • Accurately and fairly price.
Having worked in these areas for many years we have a sound knowledge of costs involved in undertaking this type of work
  • Maintain high standards.
Due to the nature of this work and with expectations being high we work work very hard at maintaining standards. It is essential that back up personal and resources are in place to ensure a continuation of service. To this point we put in place back up personal, this is essential for when regular team members are sick, or on leave, or undertaking training.
All our staff wear uniforms, easily identifying them and displaying a professional approach.
  • Work within specifications.

 We know the general day to day activities and put in place systems and procedures to avoid disruptions . We pride ourselves on our communication with our clients and the public.

We have received a number of complements for our performance and standards from clients, outside contractors and the general public;
Dear Tony,
 Just a few lines to thank you and John for a great job on Sunday before and Just after the opening, the Graffiti was cleaned off at a moment’s notice and very quick thinking on Johns behalf, he cleaned down the front green seats as someone else had forgotten to clean them and he did it for me without hesitation and a smile on his face and just before the Mayor came. A child was sick in front of the ladies toilets entry on the concrete. And even though the mayor did open the toilet John came within 8 minutes to wash down, this was a great feat. Please give John a well done from me Tony and my sincere thanks to you all.

Wanganui District Council
Hi Tony,

A big THANK YOU for what has been an exceptional day;
Along with the vandalism a lady Rang in to say her sons shoe had been thrown into a locked toilet and they did not live in town, so Andrew had to go and let the lady in to get her sons shoe back and Andrew obliges without a murmur and so willingly.
Thank you so much Tony, Please can you pass this on to him and tell him how much I appreciate his efforts.  

Wanganui District Council

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