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Soil Aerator

Soil Aerator

Compaction, Water Logging, Bad Drainage or Anaerobic Conditions are all signs of poor soil conditions. If you suffer from these conditions then you need the service of a Soil Aerator.

This unique machine can penetrate deep into the soil and aerate with little or no disturbance to the surface level. The GP Air combines clever design with robust engineering giving a cost effective solution for poor soil structure.

How the Soil Aerator works

Releasing a controlled blast of compressed air 50 cm into the ground lifting and shattering the compacted layers of the soil. This allows saturated soils and water to flow and infiltrate the parched and dry soils below. he process of opening up the soil profile initiates a healthier soil environment, oxygenating the root zone, promoting the growth of beneficial soil organisms and enhances the availability of nutrients. Using an exclusive air delivery system, the GP Air is perfect for initiating and maintaining a healthy soil environment.

Uses for a Soil Aerator
  • Golf Greens, Tees and Fairways    
    Horse Equestrian and Race Tracks

  • Lawns and Landscaped Areas

  • Parks, Reserves and Walkways              

  • Trees, Root Feeding 

  • Disease Control

  • Sports Fields, Soccer, Hockey and Rugby Pitches

  • Any many others


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The Soil Aerator in Action

If you are still sceptical about the Soil Aerator then watch this video below